Aquasion makes special heat pump according to particularity of swimming and spa pools. Aquasion has four series of air source heat pump such as the standard climate swimming pool heat pump, standard climate spa heat pump, ultra-low temperature swimming pool heat pump and ultra-low temperature spa heat pump.

This system provides the unit with higher thermal efficiency, larger hot-water yield and increases its overall efficiency. The water and electricity components has a separate heating protection system making the unit even more reliable. The unit is also equipped with an inbuilt microcomputer that runs an electronic control system, allowing more accurate and efficient temperature control.


  • Double pipe titanium tube condenser, high heating efficiency.

  • Microcomputer chip, electronic control, intelligent operation, stable performance.

  • International standard compressor, more durable.

  • Multiple intelligent protection system, improve service life of the unit.

  • Special anti-corrosion treatment for equipment, good corrosion resistance and long service life.

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