Aquasion focuses on the product development and technological research in water and air treatment of manmade water environments. We are fully committed to creating the best possible water and air environment for our clients.

At Aquasion, we believe that the water and air conditions are the deciding factors in an enjoyable swimming experience.

Aquasion was founded on the premise of providing a comfortable and natural environment for our customers while maintaining a low carbon, Eco-friendly style of operation. With this as our primary focus, Aquasion conducts all our research, development and manufacturing of regulation equipments to provide our users with comfortable water and air environments.

Aquasion focuses heavily on our product design and refining our manufacturing processes. We have a comprehensive system to evaluation our product quality. Performance, reliability and value are all qualities Aquasion look for when developing a new product. Choosing Aquasion products means choosing the most reliable professorial equipment at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

At Aquasion, we have a professional team dedicated in meeting the needs of customers. We regularly collect information and feedback from owners, engineers and other professionals to better serve them. Modifications to our existing service and products are done periodically to ensure any problem that arises during engineering constructions, daily operation and maintenance are resolved at a timely manner.

Before and during the purchase of an Aquasion product, our staff will learn in detail about your demands for the water and air environment of your project. This is done to match you with the most suitable equipment selection and the most optimized system designed according to the actual situation.

Our all-rounded understanding of our users allows us to excel in engineering quality in our facilities. We ensure that our owners can get the most out of their swimming pools in the most economical way while maintaining a safe and healthy controlled environment. We are always finding better ways to serve you better.

Core Culture